Northern Ireland Region

We have members of the Northern Ireland region from all six counties of Northern Ireland. It is with great pleasure we have welcomed new members, in recent years from Southern Ireland.

Many of our rallies are held in schools around the country and recently we stayed in church grounds. We have use of many of the facilities in these places including a kitchen and somewhere to hold our get togethers. We use a commercial site for the last two weekends in August. During the year we also use commercial sites elsewhere in Northern Ireland for ‘meets’

Many families are able to visit picturesque areas of Northern Ireland that have not been visited before, by that particular family, and enjoy fun and fellowship with others whilst at the rally.

We have are ‘fellowship’ dinner usually at the end of January. This is a great ‘pick me up ’after all the busyness of Christmas.

Members from other regions are assured of a very warm welcome when they join us and we have had this pleasure in the past.

Young and ‘old’ make up our Fellowship and some of our children now make up the third generation to be associated with the Northern Ireland CCCF.

If you want to know further information about the Northern Ireland region please contact