East Midlands Region

We in the East Midlands Region enjoy getting together for fellowship, friendship, food, fun and relaxing in good company; being together and sharing life, supporting one another in the various happening in our lives.

Rallies are planned within the Region which should be in reasonable traveling distance for all members and we often hold join rallies with neighbouring regions. This gives our regional members a chance to have fellowship with a wider membership. We like to encourage members to support other regional rallies were possible to make new friends.

We all look forward to meeting together at the Spring Bank holiday rally, were we can renew these friendships. 

Some rallies are open to non-members if you wish to find out about us before joining as members.

Chris Barton would love to answer any questions you may have, and  can be contacted via eastmids@cccf.org.uk.


Chris Barton
Member of East Midlands Region